First time to Taipei special KTV? How to enjoy with?  

To: People first time to Taipei special KTV

I’m here to help you to understand how to have fun in Taipei special KTV.


⭐️FIRST of all:
 THREE different types of stores in Taipei:
⭐️【🔻Halter uniforms store(制服店), 🔻Gowns store (禮服店), and 🔻Cocktail dressing store(便服店)】


🔻【Halter uniforms 制服店】⭐️
Dressing: All ladies wearing Sexy halter uniforms.
Lady (⭐️Grade. D):Outlook and body figure is averagely ok. (18-35y)
Price:NTD$1,800/hr/per lady
Special services: Lap dance and close body contact!
Minimum order: 2hrs+ (most people order more than 3hrs)
Business hour: 18:00~06:00  (20:30~23:00 is popular)
Total approximate cost: NTD$5,000~$12,000/per person 

🔻【Gowns 禮服店】⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dressing: Night gowns
Lady (⭐️Grade. B):Beautiful face and sexy body (18-28y)
Price:NTD$2,000/hr/per lady
Services: Karaoke, play some games
Minimum order: 2hrs+ (most people order more than 4hrs)
Business hour: 14:00~07:00 (19:00~22:00 is popular)
Total approximate cost: NTD$8,000~$25,000/per person

🔻【Cocktail dressing 便服店】⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dressing: Beautiful and sexy cocktail dressing
Lady (⭐️Grade. A):Model level-Extremely beautiful, romantic temperament, and sexy body. (18-35y)
Price: NTD$2,500~3,000/hr/per lady
Services: Karaoke, play some games
Minimum order: 4hrs+ (most people order 4-10 hrs)
Business hour: 15:00~02:00 (16:00~21:00 is popular)
Total approximate cost: NTD$16,000~$50,000/per person

⭐️Other fees
I. Private VIP room: 
👉🏼Halter uniform store(制服店)is free
👉🏼Gowns store(禮服店): NTD$1,000~5,000
👉🏼Cocktail dressing store (便服店): NTD3,000~8,000
II. Cleaning service: NTD$1,000~$2,000/per room
III. Tips: NTD$1,000/per room with snacks and water
👉🏼Whiskey: NTD$1,500~$5,000/bottle
👉🏼Beer: NTD$40/bottle (NTD$300/person all you can drink)

⚠️p.s. 10%~26% (depend on stores) tax charge by using credit cards. 👉🏼Pay in CASH is tax free.

⭐️Have fun with the lady in or outside the store:
Baically, you drink and karaoke in the private box, and the girl you order IS your girlfriend in the store, and we highly recommend you order the girl ALL NIGHT in order to take you to other places as a lovely tour guide. You can take the girls to clubbing or night market or other places you want to go.

⭐️Special rules in KTV:
The girl you order basically belongs to you, but if the girls designated by other customers, the bidding is started at that time. 

👉🏼First step: NTD$1,000 
👉🏼Second step: 4 hours charge 
👉🏼Third step: 8 hours charge

If you order eight hours immediately, nobody can take your girl away. On the contrary, you can accomplish the bidding through the above three steps to see your competitor pay more than you or not. It both you and your competitor bid the same amount of money, you can still keep the girl. To sum up, your competitor must pay more than you to take your girl away. 

⚠️Taiwanese girls are very popular among Asian Chinese. Taipei girls are very rare, and there are not enough girls every day.

⭐️👉🏼If you want to play in Taipei special KTV, CALL Mr.Lin.
Service Lead,

🍷台北酒店 幹部經理(PR)🔻 Mr. Lin (林小灰):+886-982-336-843(來電請顯示號碼)
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